Twitter remembers Ellis Park Disaster

Today marks the 15 year anniversary of the Ellis Park Disaster and people have taken to Twitter to remember the tragic event that claimed the lives of 43 soccer fans.

Billboards to help save vultures

VulPro,  the Vulture Conservation Programme of South Africa in Hartbeespoort, the internationally-renowned Tusk Trust, and one of South Africa’s largest media houses, Continental Outdoor Media, have formed a tripartite alliance that seeks to focus on the plight of vulture conservation internationally, and more specifically in South Africa. An awareness campaign is spreading its wings across…

Hot advice for a cool battery

Whether you’re out on the open road or just at home, your car battery can take a beating during the summer months. Contrary to popular belief, skyrocketing temperatures pose a greater threat to your car battery than winter chills. Here’s why. Heating up Excessive heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate which can damage the…

Today is Freethinker’s Day

Freethinkers usually achieve some notoriety because they rejected a dangerous commonly held belief or beliefs in favour of rational thinking.