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Supermoon Eclipse: Pictures from around the globe

Sky-watchers in South Africa were treated to a rare astronomical event: A supermoon reddened in the early hours of Monday morning – a so-called blood moon.South Africans took to various platforms to showcase their pictures.

Africa’s favourite brews

Everybody loves international beers, but did you know about the ones brewed on our content?
The Namaqua dwarf adder (Bitis schneideri) is one of the many species of reptiles unique to the Namaqualand coastal strip.

Hide, seek and go

Namaqua National Park covers a remarkable diversity of habitats, ranging from arid uplands famous for spectacular wildflower blooms, to rolling coastal dunes and rugged coastline. At first glance the landscape appears devoid of wildlife.
The drongo is a devilish-looking bird renowned for alarming others, and even attacking predators many times its own size.

Masters of the art of deception

Aesop’s fable, about the boy who cried wolf, warns children that too many lies told too often, will result in nobody taking you seriously.

Happy birthday, Bird Island!

There is reason for celebration in the Addo Elephant National Park (AENP) this year, as it has been a decade since the proclamation of the Bird Island Marine Protected Area (MPA) off Algoa Bay.
Safety should always accompany enjoyment when visiting the Kruger National Park.

Ten things not to do in the Kruger Park

Are you heading to the Kruger National Park for a weekend getaway or taking friends from overseas for a week-long trip? Here are a few things you should never do during your visit.
Elephants frolicking in the Addo Elephant National Park .

Chilled ellies are a matter of good relations

Ever wondered if you are imagining that the elephant in the Addo Elephant National Park are very relaxed? Particularly if you’ve driven around other national parks where these animals roam, and had to do a quick reverse in the face of flapping ears and loud trumpeting.
A black hyena caught carrying a carcass.

Study sheds light on hyenas

While it is no secret that brown hyena roam the Mountain Zebra National Park, little is known about their movement and the exact number of the current population nestled here in the Eastern Cape.
The mighty Smaug.

Save the sungazers!

While sungazers are often seen basking next to their burrows looking up at the sun, conservationists are looking further ahead for them – straight into the history books.