Hot advice for a cool battery

Whether you’re out on the open road or just at home, your car battery can take a beating during the summer months. Contrary to popular belief, skyrocketing temperatures pose a greater threat to your car battery than winter chills. Here’s why. Heating up Excessive heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate which can damage the…

Today is Freethinker’s Day

Freethinkers usually achieve some notoriety because they rejected a dangerous commonly held belief or beliefs in favour of rational thinking.
There are few things only cheese lovers understand. Image from Green/Corbis

20 Things All Cheese Lovers Will Understand

Every cheese lover knows that a life without cheese is a life half lived and why would anyone want to live halfheartedly. To celebrate Cheese Lovers Day, here are 20 things only cheese lovers will understand.
Hats have always been a great expression of culture and heritage all over the world.

Around The World With 10 Hats

They can be practical, they can be cultural or even fashion forward but hats have always been a unique way to express cultural pride. Travel the world with these ten hats.

Pets That Dress Better Than You

It’s Dress Up Your Pet Day and we’ve put together a compilation of pets that will put your wardrobe to shame. Check out some these stylish pets.

Back To School: First Day At School Pics

It’s officially the first day of school for many children across the country today. We asked some parents to send us their best first day of school pictures with their children. Check them out.

Last minute back-to-school checklist

It’s obviously better to get school supplies in advance, but it’s not always possible. The good news is that it’s not too late and you’re not alone. Here are some last minute rescue pointers.

Cooling food ideas for those scorchers

Don’t let the hot weather automatically drive you outside to the even hotter braai. How about trying some cooling cuisine instead of food and drinks that make you even hotter.

David Bowie’s Most Iconic Moments

Legendary musical artist David Bowie has died after losing his battle with cancer. We take a look at some of his iconic moments.