Offbeat articles

New Zealand PM grilled after spaghetti pizza outrage

New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English defended his love of pizza topped with tinned spaghetti and pineapple on Friday after the recipe sent fans of the Italian treat into an outraged frenzy.

British PM wades into Easter egg row

British Prime Minister Theresa May waded into a row Tuesday over the commercialisation of Easter, after the Church of England accused a major charity of “airbrushing faith” from its chocolate egg hunts.

Ferrari once owned by Trump to go on auction

A 10-year-old red Ferrari set to go on auction in Florida on Saturday is attracting an unusual amount of attention thanks to a previous owner: President Donald Trump.

Trump gets his own boulevard in Albania

A town in central Albania has renamed a boulevard in honour of Donald Trump, calling the US president “a revolutionary model” for the world.

Dead dictators draw Hong Kong art crowds

A “breathing” Fidel Castro is among several ex-communist leaders gathered in Hong Kong this week — one of the world’s centres of capitalism — as part of a cheeky exhibition at Art Basel.