It is NOT about the Jones’

R J Millar, Chairman Xanadu ECO Park Homeowners Association writes;

Your article on page 3 and the editorial in your publication of 5 April 2012 refers.
On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Owners of Xanadu Eco Park I wish to respond as follows.
Your report is factually incorrect, petty and offensive. Further, as any good reporter should, you failed to check the accuracy or your statements in a balanced manner.
Every Estate in the country is managed by a set of rules which are essentially similar and intended to engender harmonious community living.
The people who make the rules are elected by the Owners’ Association and give of their time for little or no reward. Every buyer into such Estates agrees to abide by the rules in accordance with their title deeds when they buy a property.
The ‘ou volla probleem’ that is referred to is less about aesthetics or judgements and more about the safety of the children and animals within Xanadu Eco Park.
Said vehicle is consistently parked on another person’s property (in defiance of our rules) to enable the driver to coast down the hill to try and get it started. This often is not successful and it ends up blocking someone’s driveway. Estate staff is then required to push it back up the hill for another attempt.
In a recent incident the vehicle’s brakes failed and it crashed into the access booms at the gatehouse. What if a child or animal had been in its way? Then the people of Hartbeespoort would be shocked – shocked at our apparent lack of responsibility at ensuring the safety of our children and animals!
We fully respect the individuality of people living in Xanadu, however the parties concerned have a history of flaunting our rules and when it comes to the rights of our Residents, we are duty bound to ensure that they are brought to book when such rules are transgressed.
We have no issues with eccentricities that exist in any community, however even the eccentrics must conduct themselves in a manner that does not endanger others.
Although the ‘volla’ may be licensed it is highly questionable whether it is roadworthy – and a good scrub now and again would not go amiss!
I trust that you will give our response the prominence that you gave to the original article and that your readers will understand that this matter is not about struggling students, people in glass houses or deceitful appearances but rather about learning to live in a well managed environment for the benefit of all!
(Ed: Regarding your view that the reporting was “incorrect” and “petty”, we would like to point out that we spoke to the estate manager for comment and published his comment)

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