1458 arrested for contravention of COVID-19 regulations

The Provincial Commissioner of North West, Lieutenant General Sello Kwena has warned people in this province to comply with the Disaster Management Act Regulations as part of minimising the spread of COVID-19.

This follows 1 458 arrests in the province during the past two weeks.

625 People were arrested for failure to confine to residences, 661 for being in a public place without a mask, 115 for the sale or dispensing and distribution of liquor, 52 for failure to close cinemas / restaurants/ faith based institution, two for transporting more than 70 percent of the licensed capacity for long distance travel by a bus or taxi service and three for exceeding the maximum number of customers and employees by a business.

The Provincial Commissioner praised law enforcement officials for their hard work in ensuring compliance with the regulations. He urged members of the community to be disciplined and to comply with the regulations.