Couple hijacked and shot at in De Wildt

Jaco and Melissa Geyer were on their way home from a wedding around 23:30 when a Volvo vehicle without lights skipped a T-junction and ploughed into the bushes next to the road, barely missing them.

“We stopped to see if the men were hurt. Four men got out of the car and a security guard came running towards us. We asked him to alert emergency services but the next moment one of the men fired a shot that hit the security guard in the foot,” Melissa said.

One of the men grabbed Melissa around the neck, demanding her phone. “They shouted at my husband to give them everything he had and then pushed a gun into his chest and fired twice but the gun failed to discharge. Jaco shouted to me to fall down in the grass. He joined me a few seconds later and we lay on our stomachs and kept our heads down. All the time the men were shouting and threatening us. And then they jumped into our Land Rover and sped away,” she said.

Melissa and Jaco ran into the road and a motorist stopped. They chased after the men in their vehicle while alerting the neighbourhood watch but they lost the vehicle near Pretoria North and flagged down a security vehicle for assistance.

Back at the crime scene they found the wounded security guard and the police arrived soon after. The guard was taken to hospital.

“Later we were informed our Land Rover was used that same night during a house robbery and the Volvo was stolen at a car dealership in Springs,” she said.

The robbers took the couple’s cellphones, ID documents, drivers’ licences, wallets and other belongings.

“We are just lucky to be alive.”

The Land Rover was found abandoned in the Pretoria North area on Sunday.

A case has been opened at the Mmakau police.

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