HAWS receives the gift of a home!

Max Gmur and Linda Spencer-Coy at HAWS.

The greatest gift that any welfare organisation can receive is a home of their own. This is something very few can ever achieve. Two Hartbeespoort “animal angels” have purchased the property where the Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Organisation (HAWS) is located, for the animal welfare organisation.

“Max Gmur, the wonderful husband of our long time animal warrior and angel, Anne Gmur, who was active at HAWS in the very early stages of the organisation, has given HAWS and the animals in our area the greatest gift we could ever have hoped for. Max has given HAWS a home in the form of purchasing the property that we have been located on for the past 11 years,” says HAWS chairperson, Linda Spencer-Coye.

HAWS moved to plot 82A in Rietfontein on the 20 March 2009 after HAWS had to leave the previous property it was previously operating from. The property in Rietfontein belonged to the well-loved Nola van Heerden, a librarian at the Schoemansville library, who was an animal-lover above all else. “Nola answered our desperate plea for land. She was an animal lover and until her passing always had HAWS’ best interests at heart.”

“With her passing we faced the fear again and prepared to make some drastic changes in order to keep our doors open and continue with the work we do. However, Nola’s love for animals was passed onto her late sister’s children who she brought up and who gave us first option to purchase the property when they decided to sell. We will always be grateful to them for that.

“With the support and generosity of some amazing individuals and our community, we have always survived but have also always feared that we would not survive the next one. This gift from Max has enormous significance and implication for HAWS. Facing the current Covid-19 situation, we are even more grateful that we are at least assured that we have a home and we will survive this,” she says.

“Max and Anne, no thanks will ever seem quite appropriate so we hope that our work and all the animals we help will bring you much happiness in the thought that HAWS will continue to help the animals of our area for many years to come. HAWS salutes you and thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.”