Madibeng still owes Eskom R110 in arrears debt

Although the Madibeng Municipality has paid R130 million towards their Eskom debt, it still owes R110 million.

“The R138 million debt was reduced by R130 million paid on 10 July 2020. However, the arrear debt is now R110 million,” Eskom said. “Eskom is negotiating with the municipality to enter into a payment arrangement in order to avoid the planned interruptions.”

In a statement to Kormorant, Eskom said it would disconnect the electricity supply to Madibeng if a payment agreement is not agreed on. “Interruptions are done where negotiations fail, we do not classify the municipalities, but the negotiations and agreements always works to avoid interruptions.”

Eskom published a notice in June informing Madibeng communities of its intention to interrupt the power supply on 3 July unless the municipality settles its whopping R138 million debt.

According to the notice, part of the debt has been outstanding since May 2019.
The municipality did not respond to Kormorant’s enquiry about negotiations with Eskom.