ATM scams at shopping centre addressed

Following a large number of cases where people were scammed at ATMs at a local shopping centre, guards have been posted at the tellers. However, some members of the community have been chasing guards away while doing transactions.

“After several ATM incidents at Sediba Plaza, the Hartbeespoort community policing forum entered into discussions with the management. I recommended that security guards be posted at the ATMs on a continuous basis and it was done. However, it seems that some community members have been chasing the guards away. We want to inform the public that the guards have been placed at the Sediba Plaza ATMs to safeguard the public while withdrawing cash,” said Romano van der Spuy, chairman of the Hartbeespoort CPF.

“Some information has been obtained about scammers targeting these ATMs and it has been handed over to police for further investigation,” he said.

“The golden rule at any ATM is not to accept help from anyone. If your card has difficulty entering the slot, go to another ATM. These slots are sometimes deliberately jammed by scammers. If there is a suspect group loitering around, use an ATM at another location.”

Van der Spuy said ATM incidents have declined drastically at this centre since guards have been posted
“The CPF together with police and the centre management are currently closely monitoring the situation.”