Necsa supports pro-nuclear global movement

Dr Dave Nicholls

The chairperson of Necsa Board, Dr Dave Nicholls attended the “Stand Up For Nuclear” event in Pretoria last weekend to support and stand up for nuclear in his personal capacity as a nuclear professional with more than 30 year of experience in the industry.

The event at Jubilee Park in Pretoria, was organised by professionals from different organisations such as, NEHAWU Nuclear Energy Workers (NNEWO), Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA), Southern African Radiation Protection Association (SARPA), South African Young Nuclear Professionals Society (SAYNPS), Women in Nuclear South Africa (WiNSA), in partnership with South African Vest Group.
“Stand-Up For Nuclear is a day of action to support nuclear, which is considered the most valuable energy source yet a highly misunderstood form of technology. The movement was formed by the Nuclear Pride Coalition, an alliance of independent and non-profit organisations committed to preserving and expanding nuclear energy. The movement is comprised of scientists, activists, engineers, doctors, and environmentalists who, every year throughout the month of September, Stand Up For Nuclear at train stations, central plazas, and public parks around the world to inform the public about the importance of nuclear technology and answer their questions to dispel widespread myths about the technology,” says Princess Mthombeni, the South African coordinator.
In his statement, Nicholls highlighted the importance of nuclear technology and its benefits. When thanking the associations that participated in the event, he mentioned how duly impressed he was with the presence of young professionals from different associations and organisations who came under one umbrella to Stand Up For Nuclear for the common goal of preserving and expanding the nuclear industry in South Africa.
“We need to stand up and defend nuclear from those who see it as a distraction. There are many forces both nationally and internationally who would like to see this industry being distracted regardless of its many benefits including saving lives through nuclear medicine. All these forces care about is their global agenda of dominance through manipulation of energy industry. Therefore, we need to Stand Up For Nuclear and prevent it from being destroyed while advocating for its expansion and making sure that those goals are achieved”, said Mr Zolani Masoleng, Chairperson of NEHAWU Branch at South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa).