Ifafi road closure on now next Monday

A number of Birdwood Estate residents, in conjunction with the home owners association, have joined forces and will now address the derelict and dangerous state of Boem Crescent road in Ifafi. The potholes will now be filled and the surface re-tarred by the residents themselves.

This follows after a scooter driver was seriously injured last week when he hit a pothole and was thrown under a car that drove over his leg.
Boem Crescent will be closed on Monday, 19 October, from 07:00 to 17:00 for the work to be done. The road will be closed from Ou Wapad up to Birdwood Estate.
“Residents will have to realise that we have to start doing things for ourselves. This project aims to show residents what can be done if we stand together,” says Charles Oberholzer, one of the residents involved in the project. The repair of this road will benefit all residents travelling to and from Meerhof via Ifafi.
“The engineer assisting us with the project is willing to assist other residents, free of charge, if they want to tackle similar projects in their respective streets or areas. He will assess the situation and assist with cost estimates.”
Motorists are requested to use the R511 as a detour on Monday.