10 reasons why your business should really be advertising in print

Print media advertising has truly stood the test of time and research shows why it is still considered one of the most effective marketing mediums available today.

#1 Be remembered

Reading on paper is slower and deeper, causing readers to better remember what they saw or read. This is also why education centres from preschool to PhD still opt to use printed textbooks. – Geomares

#2 It’s all in the touch

Reading on paper engages senses of touch, sight and smell, creating better understanding, memory and better engagement. – Geomares

#3 Credibility

It’s only worth the paper it is printed on, right! Print publications command a genuine credibility. Advertising in printed publication is generally perceived as more valuable.

newspaper reader
When advertising in a newspaper you get the reader’s undivided attention, which means he will remember your product or service better.

#4 Hit the right market

Printed publications target very specific people in very specific geographical areas. A printed publication is a physical item with a perceived value that can’t get lost in the matrix.

#5 10000 Reasons not to miss out

Kormorant prints 10 000 copies every week, which gets delivered to over 70 distribution spots and more than 5000 residential homes. It truly is the best way to reach the largest proportion of the market in Hartbeespoort and Brits.

#6 Newsprint is the eco-friendly option

Newspapers are recyclable, re-usable and create a lot of local jobs. Making it arguable the marketing method with the most benefits and one of the lowest carbon footprints.

Because newspapers are expensive to print and distribute, news agencies take great care to ensure they reach their target audience.

#7 Print is less expensive than you may think

Considering that your ad will be printed and distributed thousands of times, the cost per ad is often a mere few cents. By advertising on a regular basis, you not only create greater awareness among possible customers, but also qualify for great discounts.

#8 Print creates high ad recall

Studies show that people are far less likely to multitask when reading on paper, giving print advertisers undivided attention. Better attention translates to better memory and higher return on investment for advertisers.

#9 Print is not going anywhere

Despite a global recession and immense economic pressure following the Covid-19 pandemic, local community newspapers are still holding strong and still fulfil a very import role in the communities they serve. There is still no viable alternative to sound community newspaper reporting.

Reputable newspapers like Herald are governed by the South African Press Council’s code of conduct and regularly audited for compliance in printing and distribution figures. These measures ensure that advertisers can rest assured that what they are promised, gets delivered.

#10 It’s so easy

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