Mike Bolhuis will guard Hartbeespoort Dam’s hippo

Mike Bolhuis

The well-known private specialist investigator, Mike Bolhuis, has been appointed as Harpo the hippo’s personal bodyguard.

This follows after Kormorant reported this week that a permit has been issued to shoot the hippo. The story was picked up by national newspapers. Hartbeespoort residents contacted Bolhuis, an ardent animal lover, and he immediately offered to become the hippo’s “bodyguard”.
“We take these things very seriously. When I was contacted by community members from Hartbeespoort who are concerned about the hippo’s safety, I immediately agreed to get involved. I gave our task team orders to look after the hippo. We were appointed by the community of Hartbeespoort, the tree-huggers, the carers in South Africa, to protect Harpo and we will do it free of charge. Anyone who has a problem with the hippo must please phone us. Do not attack each other, do not get emotional. Just call us and we will take the responsibility,” Bolhuis told Kormorant.
He said his Secialised Security Services task team will do a thorough investigation and risk analysis of the situation. “It is not just about the safety of people, but also about the safety of the hippo. The dam might be dangerous for the hippo to be in. And in the meantime, those boats speeding on the dam should be aware that if they see a hump that it is not a ramp, but a hippo!”

Bolhuis said any person or organisation that alleges he has a permit to shoot Harpo, must contact Bolhuis and his team. “We will verify the legitimacy of the permit and take it from there. We will act strongly against anyone who makes moves and takes the law into their own hands. We want to make sure that everyone, including the hippo, chill for now. It is December, nothing is going to happen now. If we find that the hippo is a danger to the community, we will organise a professional relocation,” he said.
Contact Bolhuis on his Facebook page ‘Mike Bolhuis’ to keep up to date on the situation.

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