Security, community thwart stock thieves

A security company, community members and a local resident with a helicopter worked together, managing to thwart stock thieves in Skeerpoort on Thursday. They recovered 32 sheep that were stolen earlier.

“At 05:50 on Thursday, 4 February, we received a phone call informing us of the theft of 60 sheep on the Hartebeesfontein road. Our vehicles and the dog unit were dispatched and the thieves’ tracks were followed from the farm to a nearby veld,’ said Gert du Plessis of Oostermoed security services.

Local resident, Tokkie Botes, joined the search with his helicopter to find the thieves. While tracking the thieves, they received another call about a suspicious taxi in the veld. “A vehicle was dispatched to investigate and when the security officer arrived on the scene, he noticed a man holding a sheep, busy tying it. He called for backup. The suspect fled and we recovered 32 sheep.”

The police in Hekpoort were alerted. The taxi was confiscated by the police.

“We would like to thank Tokkie for assisting us, as well as the community member who phoned and reported the suspicious vehicle through which we have managed to gain a lot of information,” Du Plessis said.