Residents make the best of potholes!

If you can’t beat them, join them…or at least make use of them!

Armand Hofmeys takes the plunge in a pothole in Schoemansville

Hartbeespoort residents have over the past months learnt to live with the gaping potholes in the area and true to South African nature, have even come to see the funny side of it.

Cindy de Waal’s two bull terriers, Kira and Luna, have come to accept the huge pothole on their daily exercise route in Bloodwood Street in Melodie as a halfway water point and swim hole. An exciting alternative to a boring tar road!

Well-known singer and Hartbeespoort resident, Armand Hofmeyr, even took a dip in the huge pothole in Waterfront Street in Schoemansville and a video of him splashing in the pothole went viral on social media. This one has since been fixed.

Maybe these innovative residents’ use of the potholes will encourage the Madibeng municipality to speed up their promised pothole repair programme.