Travelling to Gauteng might land you in jail

People who travel to and from Gauteng without the necessary permits may face a fine and even jail time, police minister, Bheki Cele warned this week.

All travel into and out of Gauteng is prohibited under the adjusted Level 4 regulations announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday.

Cele said there will be roadblocks all over and people will be arrested and have a criminal record if they don’t adhere to the Level 4 regulations.

According to the new regulations, people may not go in or come out of Gauteng except for work, and even then they need a permit from an employer. For funerals, medical treatment, moving to a new residence, or to provide care for an immediate family member, you need a sworn affidavit signed at a magistrate’s court or police station.
Travelling with alcohol is also prohibited.