Local pilots fly donations to KZN for emergency relief

Local pilots at the Aviators Paradise airfield near Brits, as well as those from Kroons airfield in De Wildt offered their services and aircraft to fly relief donations of food to people in KwaZulu-Natal.

Loading donations to be flown to KwaZulu-Natal

“People are standing in long queues to get food in certain areas and are restricted to only a certain number of items. We thought we might help and put out the word and the response was immediate,” says Millie Humphreys, manager at Aviators Paradise.

Basic essential supplies such as bread, nappies, milk and baby formula have completely run out in certain areas of KZN. With shopping malls across Durban looted, food scarcity became a concern.

Minutes after anouncing the initiative on Friday morning, a number of pilots volunteered their services and aircraft at their own cost, and many farmers in the area indicated that they would donate fresh produce. “We expected maybe a 100 kg of food, but now we have over a ton already and our pilots will have to use bigger aircraft and fly from Lanseria,” Millie said.

People who want to donate relief items can drop them off at Aviators Paradise. Suggested items are fresh produce, nappies, formula milk, maize, canned food, clothes etc. For more information about this initiative, contact 067 015 2693.

Pilots from Kroons airfield will fly food parcels donated to the Choose Life Ministries to KwaZulu Natal to help those affected by looting. People who want to donate can contact Rubin on 060 746 8499 for more information.