Another leopard visits cheetah centre

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre once again has a wild leopard visitor at the facility.

Sarel van der Westhuizen of Finfoot lake Reserve, Vasti Botha of DEDECT and Dr Peter Caldwell.

The leopard arrived at the centre this week after it was captured and stuck in a gin trap in North Wes and sustained serious injuries. After being removed safely from the trap by the North West Department of Economic Development, Environment Conservation and Tourism (DEDECT), it was taken to a veterinarian for surgery after which it was brought to the cheetah centre to recuperate. It will remain here until the wounds have healed.
The leopard will be fitted with a tracking collar before its release.

The centre recently had another leopard in its care after it was caught on a farm in North West. It spent a couple of months at the centre before a suitable location was found for its release in July.

The Finfoot Lake Reserve sponsored the veterinarian costs. The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre will appreciate any donations towards feeding and caring for the leopard during his stay at the centre.

The severely injured foot.