Fleeing armed robber caught

A gunman, robbing farmworkers near Brits, was caught by alert security officers after he fled in a taxi on Tuesday.

A firearm was found hidden under a seat in the taxi.

“The suspect, armed with a firearm and knife, robbed several farmworkers along the road near Sanddrift on Tuesday afternoon. A farm foreman saw the armed robber fleeing and jumping into a taxi,” said Chris Degenaar of Afrique du Sud security services.

Security members were on patrol in the area and the farm foreman alerted them about the fleeing suspect in the taxi. “Our members chased after the taxi and pulled it from the road. The suspect jumped out and pulled a knife. He was disarmed but managed to break free again. Security officers chased after him and caught him a short distance away. He was arrested. Upon search of the taxi, a firearm was found hidden under a seat. The suspect was handed over to the police,” Degenaar said.