Watch out for grounded vultures – VulPro

VulPro is requesting residents to be on the lookout for fledglings that might have been grounded.

“The fledglings are starting to leave their nests and begin to explore and move around on the cliff faces before taking their maiden flight. Once these fledglings begin to fly and explore their surroundings in the hope of foraging on their own, they often get into ‘tricky’ situations and find themselves in dangerous areas or areas where they cannot take flight again,” says Kerri Wolter, founder and CEO of VulPro.

“Protecting each individual is vital to the species continued survival and thus, we need to keep abreast of all vulture happenings throughout their home and foraging ranges. VulPro appeals to the public to please keep a watchful eye for any grounded vultures and contact us immediately. Please remain with the bird until we get there as a grounded bird, even a bird with a broken wing can walk away and disappear.”

Contact VulPro 24/7 on 082 808 5113 should you come across a vulture.
The Magaliesberg Mountain is home to over 350 breeding pairs of Cape Vultures, as well as non-breeding individuals and is an important area in which to preserve and protect.