Clamp-down on vagrants, drugs

Police and other safety structures clamped down on vagrants and drugs last weekend following ongoing community concerns and complaints about people sleeping in bushes and at business premises in the area.

Police and safety structures clamped down on vagrants and drug abuse last weekend.

“After receiving numerous complaints from Ifafi and Melodie residents about vagrants sleeping in front of businesses, filling stations and apartment blocks, specific locations were targeted in an extensive stop and search operation. Individuals were apprehended and searched for possession of and dealing in drugs. Those who attempted to flee the police were tracked down by drone, said Romano van der Spuy, chairman of the Hartbeespoort community policing forum

“The increase in vagrants in the area has become noticeable, but what is more concerning is the drug abuse. We found people sleeping in the bushes, in front of shops and flats. Most are young people and the police found many of them with drugs such as crystal meth, heroin and marijuana, as well as injections in their possession. Most of the people come from areas outside of Hartbeespoort and upon questioning, they could not really explain why they are in Hartbeespoort.”

The police confiscated drugs and issued warnings to the people to vacate the premises.

During the raid, pubs and gambling outlets were also visited to ensure compliance.

“We wish to thank Hartbeespoort police for addressing the concerns of residents. Thank you to Afriforum, neighbourhood watch members and security companies who assisted,” Van der Spuy said.