Learn to swim at Pecanwood

Pecanwood College Pre-Preparatory has included swimming in its curriculum, saying it is an essential and life-saving skill.

Swimming lessons at Pecanwood

“Our new Learn-to-Swim pool was completed in August 2021. Swimming lessons commenced in September 2021 at the start of our third term. We offer swimming to our Grade 000 through to our Grade 0’s and it is included in our school fees. Lessons take place throughout the year as the pool is enclosed and heated. We have SA swim coaches doing the lessons who have an incredible rapport with the children,” says Joan Coetzee, Pre-Preparatory Head.

“Children are naturally drawn to water but are not aware of the dangers. Participating in swimming lessons from a young age can prevent or help children overcome the fear of water. Children need to develop confidence and feel comfortable in the water. Most importantly, to have the ability to swim and stay safe in and around water. As a school, we want our children to be safe and independent, being able to swim plays a big part in that.”