WATCH: Driving schools want online booking system scrapped

The driving schools are demanding that the RTMC brings back the manual system.

 Local driving schools brought services to a halt at Boksburg Licensing Department by blocking the entrance of the department.

A strike by the National Driving School Association of South Africa (NDSASA) against NaTIS led to the temporary closure of the Boksburg Licensing Department on February 28.

The Advertiser visited the licensing department this morning and found that local driving schools took part in the protest and blockaded the gates of the department.

Chairperson of the Boksburg Driving School Association and owner of Govan’s Driving School, Govan Mulea, said they demand that the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) scrap the online booking system.

“We’re not happy with the system, as RTMC changed the online booking system and now we’re struggling to make bookings for our clients. It gives us an error message every time.

“However, we don’t want them to fix it. We want them to scrap it and bring back the manual system. The online booking system has been an issue for about two years,” said Mulea.

He stressed that his business is losing money daily. He pointed out that the protesters handed over a memorandum with their grievances to the EMPD.

One protester, Malebo Zomba from Tophill Driving School, said driving schools cannot continue to work like this.
“RTMC must bring back the walk-in system. The online booking system is not user-friendly at all. We’re struggling to make bookings. They are not acknowledging us,” she said.

Another protester, Rhilani Mkansi from Roostar Driving School, said the online booking system is putting pressure on the poor community, highlighting not everybody has access to the booking system.

Driving schools shut down several licensing testing centres across Gauteng.

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