Helicopter pilot survives crash in Vanderbijlpark

Emfuleni Fire and Rescue had to protect the wreck from scrap collectors while the pilot was taken to hospital.

A helicopter pilot that crash-landed near Boipatong on Sunday, miraculously survived the accident, and sustained what is believed to be only minor injuries.

Initial information is that technical problems caused the crash which happened around 18:00 near Frikky Meyerton Boulevard in Vanderbijlpark. Although the pilot lost control, he managed to bring the helicopter lower to the ground before crash landing in a ditch about 600m from the road.

Police and paramedics were on the scene shortly thereafter.

The pilot was seen walking away from the helicopter. He apparently only sustained minor injuries but was transported to hospital.

Emfuleni Fire and Rescue stepped in to secure the wreckage after scrap collectors were seen waiting eagerly to help themselves.

At the time of publishing, the exact cause of the crash and the identity of the pilot was not yet available.

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