Pecanwood rides out

Both the Prep school and the College are the reigning champions of North West 2015 and, judging by this weekend’s performance, they look set to hold onto these titles. The Prep team included Onalenna Mathibedi, Ali Brown, Holly Smith, Tamzin Smith, Louis-Pierre Lourens, Kay-Leigh Grant, Zoe Hieber, Sydney Hieber, Jamie Alexander, Emma Krause, Courtney Langmore, Erin Smith, El-Marie Wessels, Meade Mckie, Leago Mahlangu, Erin Bergh, Alyssa Ducray, Alex Corke and Caitlyn van Laar. Riding for the high school were Zoe de Chaves, Tameryn Shaw, Nicole Anderson, Cyanne Zahos, Alexis Taylor and the captain, Kristin Kvevli.  The show is the first qualifier of the series, where the riders are gaining points to be selected for the provincial team for nationals.

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