Three farm attacks in two hours

Two armed robbers first struck at the house of a couple in their eighties on Silkaatsnek.
Chris and Eileen Els woke up around 23:30 from a noise and a dog barking outside their house. Chris went to look out the kitchen window and was surprised by an armed robber pointing a handgun at him through the window.
“Chris put his hands in the air and told the robber he would open the door, but instead he hid behind the fridge. He then heard another robber trying to get in at the bathroom window. He luckily had a spade in the kitchen and started hitting it against the wall to make a noise,” a neighbour told Kormorant.
Eileen, Chris’wife in the meantime sent a SMS to the neighbours who fired warning shots. The robbers fled.
About an hour later two armed robbers forced open the door of a farm worker’s house two kilometres away, held the worker and his wife at gunpoint and robbed them of their cellphones. They demanded money, which the couple did not have and then fled.
On their way the robbers encountered a neighbouring resident, Carel van der Merwe (48) who was on his way home after he had assisted another neighbour in closing up a nearby restaurant.
“While I was walking up the farm road towards my house, my sister sent me as message asking if I was home because the dogs were barking incessantly. I had just replied I was on my way when I looked up and the two men were in front of me. The next moment I had a gun at my head and the robber demanded my cellphone. As I handed him my cellphone he was distracted for a moment and I slapped the gun away from my head. The next moment a shot was fired. I did not realise I was hit. They demanded my wallet that only had R10 in it and I gave it to them and then they just walked away,” Carel told Kormorant.
Carel hurried towards his brother’s house on the farm and only then realised he had been shot. “All of a sudden I felt something was not right and when I touched my back it was just blood.” He shouted and his brother and his sister-in-law came out. The robber had shot him through the neck and the bullet penetrated his chest and lung before lodging in his rib.
Carel was rushed to the Montana Hospital where he was admitted to the ICU. “The doctors did not want to operate as they say it is much riskier to operate than to leave the bullet where it is.” He was discharged on Tuesday afternoon.
No one has been arrested yet and the Mmakau police are looking for the robbers.

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