We love to move!

Movement ensures that motor-neuron pathways are established and it facilitates the integration of both sides of the brain.

Spatial knowledge and awareness of your body in space form the foundations for readiness for reading, writing and mathematics.

Gross motor activities form part of our daily programme and movement deserves as much emphasises as any other learning area. Activation of our muscles and vestibular system facilitate optimal learning experiences.

Therefore, we purposefully incorporate movement throughout our day, whether we are inside the class or out, learning to count or participating in a music lesson!

We use movement as we teach across the curriculum.

Would your pre-schooler rather count in class or rather count how many star jumps he can do outside? Using movement, we endeavour to teach cognitive skills in a fun and an effective way.

Problem-solving and encouraging thinking skills are combined throughout our lessons to encourage creative and imaginative thoughts.

Our structured movement programme covers multiple aspects of developing muscles and gross motor skills such as ball skills, balance, coordination, rhythmic movements such as skipping or galloping, core strengthening, crossing the midline, endurance and stamina.

In the modern era electronic screens take up a big part of the day in the lives of young minds, time that should be spent actively playing outside, exploring nature or kicking a ball around. It is essential that we ensure that children remain active and their motor skills are developed.

Our spacious playground offers inviting opportunities to climb, jump, role, run and play during playtime.

A variety of climbing apparatus, tyres, swings and ride-on mobiles encourage additional active play in an unstructured, exploratory and creative manner. With the Magalies Mountains as home to a big colony of vultures, we often have the pleasure of observing these grand birds circling whilst spending time outside.

In addition to our daily gross motor programme, we offer active extramural activities twice a week, such as Junior Aerobics, Funastics and Bootcamp. Bootcamp in particular is a firm favourite and our bootcampers love competing in small team challenges and obstacle courses.

We host an annual Sports Day where our little athletes participate in fun races and enjoy the encouragement and praise of their most adoring fans, their parents!

Through active play and games, our children become aware of the possibilities of their bodies and acquire a sense of self.

Through their successes, they form positive self-images and their confidence installed. Healthy body houses a healthy mind.

Our children love to move so let’s hope our way to learning our ABCs!

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