Pecanwood Pre-Prep: all about learning through play!

Young children learn and develop quickly when they are playing, learning and experimenting. Organised activities help develop their learning in an informal setting and prepare them for the more formal school life in grade 1.

Children learn through their senses by: tasting, touching, seeing, hearing and smelling.

Play is the main way in which children learn:
It builds self-worth – a sense of his/her own abilities;
Because they are having fun they often get absorbed in the activity and this helps develop the ability to concentrate;
Sensory play facilitates exploration, encourages children to use scientific processes while playing, to create, investigate and explore.  It also develops cognitive skills, social and emotional skills as well as creativity;
Playing with dough, drawing, painting and dressing up all encourage creativity, imagination, logic and fine motor skills;
Singing and playing simple music instruments promotes listening and hearing; and
Games, jungle gyms, playball and movement develop strength, flexibility, co-ordination as well as teaching children to take turns, to share and play with other children.

Theme discussions promote general knowledge, participation and confidence. It is very important that children at preschool are taught in an informal setting, having fun!

Our pre-school provides children with the opportunity to play, we have prepared activities and spaces for them to explore with responsive, caring and qualified teachers to support their learning.

We have a child-centred approach and we prepare children to work co-operatively with others to approach learning with fun and to not lose their love of play.

We are very excited to be opening a new class – the Honey Bee class catering for two to three-year olds on 1 September.  This class will have a maximum of 16 children with a qualified and SACE-registered teacher and a teaching assistant.

The Honey Bee class is where the journey for our pre-schoolers will begin.

A joyous journey of discovery, adventures, experimentation and fun!

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