Epileptic allegedly hit in hospital

According to Heleen van der Walt (47) from Brits, she went to the hospital on Sunday because of a pain in her breast.

“I suffer from epilepsy and before I could even open a file at the hospital, I had a seizure. When I came around a doctor and male nurse were hitting me and shoving me around.  One of them asked what I was doing in ‘his’ hospital and said I was on drugs,” Heleen told Kormorant. “I was shaken and in pain and my glasses were gone. All I wanted to do was phone my family to come fetch me, but I could not see. When I asked where my glasses were, I was told to buy new ones.”

An eyewitness Kormorant spoke to this week confirmed that Heleen was shoved after falling down. “She fell to the floor, but when I went to assist her, the doctor and nurse slammed the door in my face after pushing and shoving her. I could hear them shouting at her, and other noises,” she said.

The Brits hospital denied all allegations. “Our investigation reveals that the patient was never assaulted, in fact a police officer who had brought in a rape victim was present on the day of the alleged incident. The patient collapsed while waiting for her turn to open a file. She was put on the stretcher and  was taken to the resuscitation room with the help of the doctor and two nurses. When she regained consciousness, the male nurse requested to triage her and obtain her full medical history as the required thing to do. The patient, all of a sudden, jumped off the bed and began swearing at both the doctor and the nurse. She refused to be seen and walked out of casualty,” the statement from the hospital reads.  “As the hospital we utterly dismiss these allegations and the impression that it has created that our officials are assaulters. Our officials made efforts to assist the patient and demonstrated a high level of courtesy. The management also thanks the officials for keeping calm in the midst of verbal assaults received from the patient.”

Van der Walt was shocked this week when told of the hospital’s response. “After an epileptic seizure a sufferer is confused and in pain and definitely not capable of behaving as they now say I did. I am utterly shocked at their blatant lying,” Van der Walt said.

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