A professional chef who worked in many world-class establishments, Dietmar discovered his talent for three-dimensional form as well as his ability to capture the movement and vitality of wildlife subjects. He decided to develop this interest further by teaching himself and casting some of these pieces in bronze. From these early experiments, both his love and expertise for sculpturing grew and, in 1990, he decided to become a full-time artist.

His work is very distinctive – he has perfected the art of form simplification in his work, reducing his subject matter to essentials while retaining its intrinsic character.  Dietmar built his own foundry and is proud to cast all his work himself.  He uses high quality bronze and casts in the lost wax procedure. He also uses the new, highly effective, ceramic shell technology.

Dietmar’s bronzes can easily be identified by his eye-catching mounting techniques and enhancing patinas, which imbue his works with life and colour. Birds and marine life, which he loves, were his original themes in his exotic food displays. It was a natural transition therefore to use and perfect these for his series of bronzes. Even though Dietmar is well known today for his bird and marine life sculptures, he has also begun to move toward figurative and abstract sculpture and paintings. His sculptures range from a cute little long-nosed butterfly fish, a mean mako shark, a prehistoric coelacanth and a bizarre lionfish to a life-size sailfiish. As a keen scuba diver and having even dived at the Great Barrier Reef, Dietmar finds it benefits his work to study, film and photograph his subjects above and below the water. His sculptures are already included in many private and corporate art collections in South Africa and abroad in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United States of America, Mauritius, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. Dietmar’s work has been shown in 40 group exhibitions and he has also held several one-man shows and participated in twelve international exhibitions. Dietmar exhibits his works at The Islands Estate Clubhouse this weekend. The exhibition opens on Friday and will be open on Saturday and Sunday.

To arrange for a visit to his gallery, contact 082 891 9987 or visit

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