Hour of horror during armed robbery

Paul and Elzaan Fourie

Paul Fourie (32), his wife Elzaan (27), and three of their guests were tied up and held at gunpoint by four  armed men during an hour-long house robbery in Ifafi on Saturday in the early hours of the morning.
Paul was hit over the head with a firearm, but no one else was hurt.
Paul and two of the guests were playing pool in the house at around 02:15 when four men, armed with two firearms, entered the house through a sliding door.  Elzaan and another woman were already sleeping.
“They tied our hands and feet with shoelaces and cellphone charger cables and asked where the safe was. One hit me over the head with the firearm before the men started gathering items  in the downstairs area and then again came to ask where the safe was,” Louis told Kormorant.
“As Elzaan was asleep upstairs where the safe was, I wanted to prevent them at all cost from going up and finding her. I told them there was no money in the safe, but  one man pushed the firearm against my head and forced me upstairs,” Paul said.
Elzaan woke up when Paul entered the room with two men. “I heard Paul tell me to be calm and then I saw the gun against his head,” Elzaan said.
One of the robbers pulled her from the bed and tied her up. She was told to open the safe. They then asked for Paul’s wallet, which was downstairs. The robbers then untied Elzaan’s  feet so that she could fetch it, at gunpoint.
“Back upstairs they wanted the car keys and they loosened my feet so I could go get them downstairs.”
One of the men told Elzaan not to look at them and covered her face with a jacket and then a duvet. “I thought he was now going to shoot Paul and I.”
The other woman in the house pretended to be asleep when she realised what was happening. The robbers took her cellphone from right next to her.
A little while later they heard Paul’s Ford Ranger’s hooter, presumably when the robbers were fleeing.
The two men downstairs managed to free themselves and untied Paul and Elzaan before they raised the alarm.
The robbers fled in the Ford Ranger with two television sets, jewellery, a laptop, seven cellphones and other items.
The vehicle was later found abandoned in the veld near Dam Drive.
The couple were victims of another robbery two weeks ago when two men in a black Audi drove into their property at midday, entered the house and stole a  safe containing firearms. The couple were not at home. No arrests have been made and the police are looking for the men.

Daleen van Manen

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