Bogus police hijack two trucks

The four heavily armed men, dressed in police uniforms, allegedly drive a silver or blue-gray Audi with a blue light on the roof.

During the first incident last Thursday, the driver of a truck delivering flowers, was pulled off the road at Leopard Lodge on the R560 by the alleged police vehicle. “Four men, two dressed in police uniforms, and two in civilian clothes, but wearing bulletproof vests, approached the driver, pulled him from the vehicle and cuffed him before forcing him into the Audi. They drove down a dirt road in Skeerpoort and dropped him off in the bush. They told him to run and not look back,” said Romano van der Spuy, spokesperson for the Hartbeespoort community policing forum.

In the second incident on Sunday night around 19:00, a light delivery vehicle with two men was pulled off the road by presumably the same vehicle with blue lights. Four ‘police officers’ forced the driver and passenger into the Audi and dumped them a while later in a place unknown to them. “The robbers fled with the delivery vehicle, cellphones and cash,’ Van der Spuy said.

The police are investigating and no arrests have been made yet.

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