Club reaches out to Schoemansville property owners

Owners of property in Meerhof have similar access rights, but they don’t hold servitude on the foreshore. Membership of the club has since been extended to other residents of Hartbeespoort, but Schoemansville property owners still form the foundation of the club.
The committee of the club is aware that over the years some Schoemansville residents have become alienated from the club as result of undue emphasis on tourism, overloading of facilities and the noise factor. It is in the process of rectifying the situation and wants to welcome all Schoemansville property owners back in the fold.
For this reason it is inviting all Schoemansville property owners who have allowed their membership to lapse or are not yet members of the club to become members at no charge until the end of September. They will also be exempted from the normal joining fee and penalties.
Members who make use of this offer will be issued with stickers for two cars of which they are the registered owners. They can visit the club anytime when the gate is manned, free of charge. If, however, they wish to have unrestricted access anytime during the day or after hours when the gate is not manned, they can obtain an access card at R150.
Non-member Schoemansville property owners who wish to make use of this offer, must fill in this application form and e-mail to the club or take it to the club offices during club hours, i.e. every day from 08:30 to 15:00. Residents who lease property, can also apply, provided they have the consent of the property owner.
Residents who need further information or more clarity can phone the club at 012-253-0587 or 012-253-2563 during club hours. The constitution of the club and domestic rules are available at the club.
The club’s e-mail address is [email protected]

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