Cyclist knocked down by motorist

A cyclist was knocked down and seriously injured on the R511 on Monday morning just before 08:00.

The man, whose name was not available by time of going to press, was on his way to work on Monday morning, riding his bicycle on the gravel beside the road.

According to the owners of the Sisters nursery on the R 511, the female motorist in a light-coloured Audi who knocked down the cyclist, had driven off the road onto the gravel to pass the backed-up vehicles. “It seems she was in a hurry to pass the vehicles as the traffic gets quite backed up on that road in the mornings,” said Frans and Anina Gabriel.

They say that the cyclist was badly injured. “He waves at us on his way to work each morning. Considering his injuries, who knows whether he will even have a job by the time he leaves hospital, if he does.”

They are concerned about the way people drive off the road to get past all the patiently waiting motorists. “I sit and watch how terribly impatient people are every day,” says Frans.

“A woman stopped and helped the cyclist. She seemed to have medical knowledge but said that she was not a practicing doctor. She was wonderful.”

Frans called the police.

Necsa’s emergency services were at the scene and treated the man for a serious femur fracture and possible serious head injuries. The cyclist was transferred to the Kalafong hospital.

Cerise Mtshatsheni

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