Be a part of the Marathon of Dreams

They have dubbed it ‘The Marathon of Dreams’.
At the same time, the founder of this dynamic organization, Lee Den Hond will be pushing her endurance to the max on a 7-day race of 251km through the Sahara Desert, taking on the Marathon Des Sables in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Lee is described as a successful businesswoman and adventurer. In 2013 she summitted Mount Everest to raise funds for the construction of the Field of Dreams Children’s Centre for the community of Schaumburg informal settlement. In April this year she is going to participate in Marathon Des Sables, a seven day race of 251km’s in the Sahara Desert, known as ‘the toughest footrace on earth’ to raise funds for a clinic for the community of Schaumburg.
Inspired by the race and the mammoth challenge that Lee is taking on, the Field of Dreams team decided to engage in a race of its own, parallel to Marathon Des Sables, in order to support her. They are inviting the community, corporate companies and anyone who has the time and the will to be a part of this incredible initiative, to join this Marathon of Dreams. The goal is to train 251 people from the community in selected practical skills – either first aid, carpentry or farming – in seven days.
There is no registration cost, however, the goal is to train as many people as you can at their premises to help them become knowledgeable in one of the three practical skills.
The ‘trainers’ or ‘facilitators’ do not necessarily have to have a qualification, but just be really good at any of the three skills. Any handyman who is able to make things from wood, for example, is more than welcome to volunteer. Field of Dreams will supply the venue for carpentry and farming.
They would like to appeal to the public to assist with any usable wood, off-cuts or pallets, as well as hand and gardening tools. (Saws, hammers, spades, forks etc)
“They do not have to give us the tools,” says Nicci de Wet-du Toit, the Operations Manager at Field of Dreams, “we would even appreciate just the use of the tools for the duration of the training and return them afterward.”
She says that this project is an incredible challenge, but that it will make a huge difference in a number of people’s lives within the Schaumburg informal settlement. “Like Lee, you will be participating in the race of your life in order to change as many lives as possible in the shortest possible time, ensuring that the lives you touch will never be the same again.”
What is in this for you and your company, you may ask. “First and foremost, fulfillment. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of others,” Nicci says. While a seven day marathon sounds like a long process, you will have helped, raised and increased the pace of the Schaumberg community’s development.
“We will also plant a tree on our premises in honour of the individuals or businesses who contributed to this worthy cause. Furthermore, ours is a registered PBO and therefore tax refunds can be requested.”
Lee will also invite everyone who takes part in this initiative to a presentation of her seven successful principles of endurance in business after the race.
Every person who participates will receive a T-Shirt and marathon number as well as a water bottle upon registration.
For more information on how to be a part of the Marathon of Dreams, Nicci de Wet – du Toit can be contacted at [email protected] or 083 77 33 489.

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