Don’t ignore the fact that your pet also needs some brain stimulation. Here are three games geared towards training your dog’s brain.

Dogs are naturally inquisitive, intelligent and intuitive animals. Brain games can ensure that your dog is entertained and also stimulated. They give your dog meaningful activities to do, which also heightens their brainpower. These games also keep your dog from developing behavioural issues like excessive chewing and barking. Here are some games to play with your dog:

1. Find the treats

It might take a while for them to learn the commands but a “find the treat” game is a fun way to stimulate your dog’s sense of smell. All you have to do is grab some treats, place them around the ground strategically and position your dog to be able to fetch them. The effectiveness of this game depends on how well your dog can read and interpret commands. If they are able to fetch the treats and bring them to you using their unique sense of smell, you can make the game even more challenging by placing the treats further away or hide them in different places. This will make it exciting for them.

2. Food dispensing toys

Food dispensing toys are usually containers that store your dog’s food or treats but they have to figure out how to release the treats. You would usually have to fill up the dispenser with food/treats and allow your dog to figure out how to release them. Your dog will start moving the toys around to release the treats and this will give them some mental stimulation and a nutritional reward.

3. Dog puzzles

Dog puzzles come in different shapes, sizes, and you can find them at any pet store. They require your dog to figure out how to receive a treat. A good puzzle to try is one that requires a muffin tray, tennis balls and dog treats. Hide the treats inside the muffin tray and place the tennis ball over them. Once the dog figures it out, they’ll remove the tennis balls from the tray to receive a treat.

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