Feeling anxious and under pressure? Try these steps to destress yourself.


Life can quickly become overwhelming and unmanageable which in turn takes a toll on your personal wellbeing and health if you do not put measures in place to deal with the stress and pressure building up everyday. Try out these three tips to help you find a balance in life while reducing your stress and anxiety levels:

  1. Call on help to share the load
    Coming home to a neat and tidy house that’s also well-maintained takes a huge amount of pressure off your plate. Let someone else tackle the dirty dishes, the never-ending pile of washing and that broken light switch. Removing time-consuming household chores and tasks off your to-do list allows that much-needed chill-time to start as soon as you walk in the front door. Companies such as SweepSouth can help sort out all your domestic needs from cleaning inside to outdoor services, giving you that much more time to spend with the family.
  2. Go on a virtual trip
    Need an escape, but can’t get on a plane to see your dream destination right now? Go on a virtual trip! Airbnb, for example, launched Online Experiences in 2020, which allows you to book exciting activities anywhere in the world. Make Mexican street tacos with a pro chef in an online class, for example, take a virtual Harry Potter London tour, or do an Argentinian wine class with a local sommelier, all without needing to leave the house!
  3. Car-eoke with friends
    We all love to let loose with friends and sing our hearts out to our favourite songs. Take a weekend, day or just an afternoon and go on a mini road trip with your besties. Create a playlist on a music app, such as Spotify, and ask your friends to add all their favourite songs on the list for an epic car-eoke session.

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