Rotary reaches out to animals at HAWS

Linda Spencer-Coye from HAWS explained to her guests that HAWS is an animal shelter, not funded by the government at all. Although the law requires that every municipality have a pound, Madibeng does not have one and does not assist with the running of this shelter financially either.

Glen Ross from Rotary who will head the HAWS project, and his team did a walk-about at the premises and with Linda’s help, investigated what the greatest areas of concern are and will now intervene to lighten the load.

When an animal arrives at HAWS, as happens daily, it is placed in quarantine. This is to prevent possible infection of other animals with any illness the animal may have. It is dewormed, dipped and inoculated and after 7 days, placed in the kennel area. There are times when HAWS runs out of quarantine kennel space and is then forced to keep some dogs in the cat quarantine area which is not the most convenient thing due to cage sizes.

The facility is well cared for and it is important that people see that when visiting the organisation. They have adopted a policy that the facility needs to look respectable so that when prospective clients come in looking to adopt animals everything is up to standard. Linda explained, however, that animals get first priority. “We do want to create a good impression when people visit yes, but everything else can happen on a shoestring while our animals are taken care of first.” There is thus no money to expand the kennel area at all.

Several other areas at HAWS need attention. Two areas in particular need to be addressed urgently to maintain their licence. The first is the fridge containing the drugs which needs to have a lock fitted. Secondly, the holding area and theatre need to be duplicated. The current theatre and holding area cannot be used for sterilisation and for the treatment of general wounds. These need to be done separately, especially since sterilisation is a big part of the clinic’s function.

The long term goals of HAWS are to obtain a new vehicle (it can be second hand) and then look to purchase the land they currently occupy.

Rotary plans on hosting two big fundraisers for HAWS. Anyone else who would like to lend a helping hand can call Linda on 083 313 0710.


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