Woman escapes armed robbers through doggy-door

Margaret by the doggy door she escaped through when robbers were chasing her. Photo: James Mahlokwane, Kempton Express

Margaret Koekemoer of Brits recently ran for her life, exiting the house through a doggy door. She was visiting her grandmother in Kempton Park last week. She wasn’t feeling well and had been prescribed an antibiotic and other medicine which made her feel a bit lethargic.

Her mother and grandmother left to run some errands and visit the traffic department in the morning, but Margaret decided to stay home and sleep. At some stage she heard the dogs barking uncontrollably, didn’t think much of it and went back to sleep.

She estimates that it was around 15 minutes later that she heard a chopping sound at the front door. Margaret jumped up to see what it was. She opened the top part of a wooden stable door, fortunately preceded by another door. “As I opened it, I saw two huge Nigerian men standing at the door, one with two big guns which looked like AK47’s, the other with a spanner in his hand.” Margaret says that the men were as shocked to see her as she was to see them.

She slammed the door closed and ran back up the passage. “Catch her,” the one man shouted to the other. “I knew I had to get away or else I would be in big trouble. I know I would probably have been raped and possibly killed had I not gotten away.”

Margaret squeezed through the “doggie-door” in the security gate of the kitchen door. She saw the man coming for her and the short, petite 21 year-old blonde jumped over the six foot wall to the neighbours. “I knocked and knocked, but nobody was home.

She jumped a second wall and found a domestic worker home. “I asked to borrow her phone, but she was very reluctant and said she would call her boss.” Margaret was terrified, in the meanwhile, that her mother and grandmother would return home and bump into the men. “I then saw my grandmother’s neighbours arrive home across the street and knew I had to make another jump for it.

She jumped over palisade fencing and says her leg is still a bit sore from that. “I have no idea how I got over there, the edges of those palisades are razor-sharp.

Margaret alerted the neighbours and all security companies and police in the area were deployed. “They cordoned off the entire block, but no arrests were made.”

Cerise Mtshatsheni

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