Biker dies after collision with bakkie

“Netcare 911 paramedics responded to the high impact collision on the R512 around 09:30 and found the critically injured biker about two metres away from the wreckage of his bike with life-threatening injuries,” a spokesperson for Netcare 911 said.
According to bystanders the bakkie had stopped, presumably to turn, when the bike slammed into the rear of the bakkie.
“The Netcare 911 advanced life support paramedics arrived at the scene and found the crumpled remains of the bike and bakkie, The man’s condition necessitated the paramedics to place him on a ventilator and start with resuscitation protocols. The paramedics and two doctors that was at the scene, worked fervently for some time before they managed to get the man’s heart to start beating again.
The patient was stabilised and spinally immobilised on a trauma board before they transported the critically wounded man to a nearby hospital. Tragically, despite their efforts and that of the hospital medical team, the man was declared dead soon after arriving at the hospital.”

Daleen van Manen

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