Gang of ten armed robbers invade Brits home

Seven men scaled the wall of the property in the Arendsig area, grabbed the gardener and held him at gunpoint, forcing him to the house. “They ordered the domestic worker to open the door, threatening to shoot the gardener if she doesn’t,” Alta de Villiers, owner of the house, who was at work at the time, told the Kormorant.
The robbers beat the nine dogs on the property and threw them food scraps to eat.
“They held the gardener and two domestic workers at gunpoint inside, and even stood on them, while they ransacked the house. One of the workers tried to get away, but they threatened to kill her. They took everything they could carry to the outside. Three robbers were inside the house, four stayed outside and at least another two waited outside the wall,” she said.
“When they asked for my workers’ cellphones, the gardener told them that he did not have one and gave them his packet of cigarettes instead. He somehow managed to get to one of the rooms in the house and locked himself in from where he phoned me.”
Alta contacted the security services and officers responded immediately. “The robbers were still on the property when they arrived and several shots were fired before they fled.”
Some of the stolen items were recovered on the property. “We presume they got away with what they could carry in the bags they took.”
The workers are unharmed except for bruising where the robbers stood on them.
The police are investigating the robbery.

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