Woman bitten by hyena seeks help from paramedics on accident scene

Photo: Les Faber

The emergency helicopter, meant for the truck driver, instead flew the woman to hospital for emergency care.
Paramedics from the Emer-G-Med Emergency Rescue Services were attending to a trapped truck driver after a sand truck collided with another large truck on the R512. According to Emer-G-Med Operations Manager‚ Jurgen Kotze‚ the extrication process took approximately 90 minutes.
He said while the paramedics were working on the truck driver a car came through the back-up traffic with a badly injured woman in her 50s. “The woman had tried to break up a fight between two hyenas on a neighbouring game farm and subsequently suffered a partial amputation of her left hand,” he said.
The woman is believed to be a hyena handler. She was flown to the Millpark hospital and the truck driver was transported to hospital via ambulance. He sustained a possible fractured pelvis and two fractured femurs.

Photo: Emer-G-Med


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