If you’re growing bored of sorting through holiday photographs and putting them into an album, maybe it’s time to get more creative.

4 Fun ways to preserve your child's holiday memories
 When it comes to displaying your child’s holiday photos, think “outside the box”.

Most parents take quite a few photos of their children, especially during holidays and weekends. The only problem is that parents rarely find the time to have pictures of their children developed and even more time to put all the photos neatly into a photo album. As a result, it is easy for your child’s special memories to fade. To help you make sure that does not happen, we’ve put together four suggestions. They are all easy and cheap to do, so let’s get stuck in…

1. Create a holiday picture wall

Putting some of your child’s holiday photos on display is an excellent way to make sure they remember their favourite holiday moments. Simply pick up lots of small picture frames from charity shops and put a photo in each. Once you have enough, you and your child can arrange them in a fun pattern on their bedroom walls.

2. Turn photos into fridge magnets

Another approach is to make copies of your child’s holiday photos, glue a magnetic strip on the back, and stick them all over your fridge door.

3. Order personalised homeware

These days, you can have your child’s special images incorporated into household items, like mugs, phone covers, and even cushions or bedding.

4. Make a unique scrapbook with your child

Creating a traditional scrapbook of your child’s holidays is easy, especially if you add a few pages each time your family returns from holiday. Sitting down and going through that book with your child is a lovely way to bond, and it’s also fun to get your child to help create a scrapbook.

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