4 ways to keep your indoor cat mentally stimulated

Indoor cats may seem content with chilling in the house but they need just as much mental stimulation as any other furry friend. Here are some tips to keep them mentally stimulated and entertained

Some cats naturally prefer the indoors and need to be stimulated with meaningful activities that develop their brains, keep them entertained and physically strong. As a pet owner, here are some activities/games you can try to prevent your cat from getting stressed or bored at home.

1. Interactive cat and mouse games

Domestic cats are highly skilled predators so it’s no surprise that they love games that mimic hunting. They enjoy activities that play on their natural predatory behaviour so why not take ten minutes out of your day to play a game of cat and mouse? Take a chewy plastic toy that looks like a mouse or bird, add a string to it and tease your cat with this interactive prey. Don’t make it too easy for them; pull the string away when they’re about to catch it and keep hiding and revealing the prey toy. When they catch it at the end, reward them with a treat.

2. Make sure you have a good scratching post at home

To destress, exercise or let off some steam, cats love to scratch. If you don’t have an item they can scratch at home, they will find a piece of furniture to scratch. You can buy a scratch post for your cat online but it might be cheaper to make one; a sturdy wooden log can easily do the trick. Cover it with some Sisal fabric (a coarse, hard fibre that is strong, durable and stretchable) and you’ll have your cat scratching in no time.

3. Play hide and seek with their food

Cats love hunting so it’s always a good idea to switch up their eating routine by adding a game of hide and seek with their food. Hide their food (dry pellets or treats) in different spaces around the house and let them hunt for it. It will give them a bit of exercise, indulge their hunting instincts, keep them entertained and fed. When you begin to do this, guide your kitty along the way so that they know where to find the food.

4. Cat toys are essential

Make sure you buy toys for your cat routinely or keep a toy box with different toys that you rotate. Cats can get bored very easily with the same toys so always keep it interesting for them. Wand toys are the best because you can either make them yourself with string, a clip/stick or buy them at a pet store. Be careful not to leave your cat alone with a wand toy because they might get entangled with the string part, which could be dangerous.