Dogs will eat anything you put in front of them but some of the products that are safe for human beings to eat, can be harmful to dogs. Here are some of the foods you should never feed your dog.

You might be tempted to share your food with your dog from time to time but keep in mind that it’s not always a good idea. Dogs are carnivorous animals and also require a balanced diet with lots of nutrients. If they do not eat right, their health could suffer.

Find out which foods and drinks you should never share with your dog:

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is probably the number one type of food you should never feed your dog, it is poisonous to them. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, a bitter-tasting stimulant of the cacao plant found in a lot of food. Theobromine is not harmful to humans but very bad for dogs. It could cause heart problems, muscle tremors, or seizures.

2. Bacon and fatty meat

Bacon may seem like something that would be ok to feed your dog but it isn’t. Its high-fat content, also found in ham and other meat trimmings, can cause pancreatitis in your dog. Those types of meats are usually high in salt and can make your dog’s stomach upset. They can also lead to your dog drinking too much water and bloating.

3. Onions and garlic

Onions and garlic are staples for most human beings but when it comes to feeding your dogs, rather avoid it. Any member of the onion family eaten in large quantities and frequently, can destroy your dog’s red blood cells. It may cause their digestive system to be upset and if eaten regularly, it can lead to anaemia.

4. Dairy products

Dogs lack the enzymes to break down dairy products like sugar, milk, cheese, ice-cream and others. While some dogs can handle a bit of dairy, most dogs are naturally lactose intolerant so they shouldn’t consume any. If your dog eats or drinks dairy products, it may vomit, suffer from diarrhoea or develop gastrointestinal diseases

5. Salty foods

Human beings enjoy a little seasoning in food but salt can cause a condition called sodium ion poisoning in dogs. If your dog eats salty food, it may cause vomiting, diarrhoea, high body temperature, and seizures, in addition to bloating. It can be detrimental to your dog’s health so keep it at a minimum.

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