5 reasons why we love (and crave) fast food

Gone are the days of fast food cravings under lockdown level five regulations, you can now simply pick up the phone and order your favourite!

You can just pick up your phone and dial your favourite restaurant or make use of the many delivery apps available on smartphones.
Here are 5 reasons why most people love fast food

1. It’s fast
When you come home from work, you don’t need to run to the shop, queue, come back and cook a meal. Instead you can simply pick up your phone, order and receive your meal in in less than an hour.

2. It’s easy
Not only is it easy to order, but you also have no dishes to wash, kitchen to clean, and leftovers to put away.

3. It’s delicious!
It’s a quite normal that your own cooking would start to taste bland and the meals become monotonous – not all of us are trained chefs after all. That is the very reason behind the existence of take-away outlets. Simply take the evening off and have a delicious take-away of your choice.

4. Variety is the spice of life
The convenience of take-aways is that each family member can order what they want. Kids can order from the kids’ menu, while the adults can order their favourite fish, pizza, or burgers and chips.

5. It’s a treat
It’s a great way to satisfy your craving when you finally order what you have been craving all day. It’s a treat to sit back and relax while your food is being prepared for you. Take-away food is still a fairly inexpensive treat.