5 tech trends to watch in 2020

From wearable tech to an AI takeover, here are some of the trends to look out for in 2020.

2020 marks the beginning of a new technological decade filled with infinite possibilities. Tech trends that we have experienced in the past decade have now been refined and consolidated without the glitches of past years. The widespread use of 5G, wearable tech, AI technology as well as advanced smart technology will continue to impact the future of the world.

Here are five trends to look out for in 2020:

1. Frameless smart TVs

Over the years we’ve seen a change in flat TV screens. Companies like Sony and Samsung have pioneered a new standard in frameless and ultra-slim TV design. These MicroLED (an OLED competitor tech) displays come in 88-inch and 150-inch screen sizes that look virtually frameless and can blend into any home design. 2020 is going to see more of these. If 180 inch just isn’t enough for you, Samsung says you can connect multiple panels together to create a display “wall” in your home.

2. 5G to have a mainstream impact

There are a lot of countries that have upgraded to a 5G wireless system and 2020 will see many more countries boosting their networks. There’s been lots of talk of South Africa moving to 5G technology in the next few years with the help of Chinese Telecoms giant, Huawei. The current problem is that not a lot of devices support 5G as yet and the infrastructure is not yet built. As much as it would be hugely beneficial to South Africa (because it provides faster connectivity and speed over a wireless network) there are still a number of concerns over the roll-out. One of the concerns are the long-term health risks after over 180 scientists and doctors in almost 40 countries, have warned the world about 5G health risks.

3. Wearable tech will become popular

Wearable tech like smartwatches and clothes have been around for a while now but 2020 will see more innovation, affordability and design come to the fore. Google already showed promise when it bought Fitbit in 2019 but the company’s Android Wear operating system didn’t fare well against the Apple Watch. Companies like Nike are innovating this particular space because of a better understanding of their consumers. Last year, they created a basketball shoe that can tighten or loosen itself to fit your foot just right with no laces necessary. The shoe lets you use an app or buttons on the soles to adjust the tightness and to recall your favourite settings from your phone.

4. AI will become cheaper and readily available

There’s been an undeniable buzz over Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology over the past decade. In 2020, this technology is expected to become more accurate and cheaper, which means it will be readily used in more tools, gadgets and devices. Real-world simulations will be perfected, robotic automation could free us from mundane daily tasks like administrative work> They will also be personalised consumer experiences, accurate data capturing and innovation in the arts all the way to science.

5. Electric cars become more affordable

In countries like South Africa, it almost seems unfathomable that electric cars will ever take over, however, the surge of electric cars that have entered the world market recently from big motor giants like Tesla, BMW, Ford and others, indicate that as time goes by, more and more people will be able to afford an electric car. Audi, Jaguar, BMW and Nissan are all bringing out new electric car models this year and one can only hope that they’ll reach SA shores soon.