5 ways to get rid of pet hair around your home

Struggling to get rid of your pet’s fur around your home? Here are a few ways to combat this issue and keep your home clean.

Furry pets shed regularly and you will often notice this on your clothes, floors, furniture and around your house. As challenging as it can be to get rid of your dog or cat’s hair, there are several ways you can make sure it doesn’t become a huge problem. Try these simple solutions for the best results:

1. Groom your pet

The best way to ensure that your pet’s hair doesn’t get out of control is to groom them. If you have a long-haired dog or cat, you should brush their hair regularly to get rid of the hair they shed. For long-haired dogs, take them to a groomer every 6 weeks and make sure you brush their hair every two days. Cats clean themselves but can always use an extra pair of hands in managing their fur so use a grooming brush to get rid of excess fur.

2. Use this washing method for your clothes

Toss your clothes and bedding into a dryer with a couple of wet microfibre cloths (the hair will stick to the microfibre cloths). Make sure the dryer is on a low or no heat setting for 10 minutes before you wash the clothes. Remove the clothes from the dryer and use a lint brush or sticky lint roller to remove the remaining fur. You can also use vinegar in your washing as it reduces lint or pet hair and is also a great stain remover.

3. Get yourself an air purifier

Air purifiers range from R150 to R800 at selected stores and are totally worth it. They filter the air and collect pet hair and can also remove dust, pollen, or mould spores from the air as well as control odour around your house. The air purifier filter sucks the air in and forces it through a mesh trap. The mesh trap then collects contaminants in the air filters.

4. Use baking soda on carpets

Baking soda is a great cleaning ingredient for your carpet.  It not only detangles pet hair but also deodorizes the carpet leaving it smelling fresh. If you add vinegar to the mix you can also get rid of tough stains that your pet may have left. When you finish cleaning the carpet, vacuum it, and watch the pet hair disappear.

5. Use an electrostatic dust mop

For your tiled or wooden floors, make sure you use an electrostatic dust mop. As easy as it is to use a vacuum cleaner or broom, they’re not quite as effective in removing hair as an electrostatic mop. An electrostatic dust mop traps and locks loose hair or any sort of dirt instead of spreading it around as you sweep.