As children head back to school, these top educational apps will help their brain development in the new year.

As learners settle into their new school year routine, why not encourage your child to use the following top-rated educational apps that’ll keep them on track in the upcoming year.

1. Montessori: Learn 123 numbers

This assists pre-school learners on how to read, trace, count and more. It’s a fun app for early development and children learn digits through fun Montessori play activities: numbers spelling blocks, flashcards, patterns and memory games.

2. myHomework Student Planner

A useful and visual app for keeping homework notes organised. You can also set alarms for future assignments.

3. Periodic Table

Primary and high school learners will benefit from this colour-coded educational app. Learning the elements has never been this visual (and fun).

4. Evernote

Learners can create notes, save articles or web pages and even take photos for projects with Evernote. This has been voted as one of the best organisational apps on the market.

5. Duolingo

Want to encourage your child to learn a new language? Duolingo is the perfect app that offers a range of languages including Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish, and even English. It’s completely free and has no hidden fees.

6. Quick Math

Quick Maths is aimed at making kids familiar with numbers, imparting the general math skills to students of all ages. It increases kids’ abilities to tackle the difficulties and challenges of numbers.

7. YouTube Kids

Made and curated for kids, Youtube Kids offers educational videos and entertainment content to inspire and enhance young minds. It makes it easy for kids to watch their favourite educational shows.

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