More than 80 rescue dogs at the Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) had their day on Saturday when a local pet grooming service visited the shelter to bathe and groom the abandoned animals.

Johandie Kleynhans of Ve-Ha’s Pets Grooming, and her team of volunteers and groomers, together with volunteers from the NRSI arrived at HAWS early to treat the animals to a day of pampering and personal attention.

Wimpy Hartbeespoort, Harties Omgee and Bosveld Stereo saw to snacks and drinks to sustain the groomers in the massive task.

“We did it because we love dogs. Some of these dogs have never been groomed in their lives and it was wonderful to see how they enjoyed the personal attention. In a week or so we will tackle the cats,” she says.

Johandie plans to deliver this service on a regular basis. “This is part of us giving back and supporting HAWS and the animals in the shelter. We want to thank everyone that was involved in this act of love for animals.”

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