Madibeng power cuts

I am running a full-time orthodontic practice at 44 Hertzog Street, Schoemansville.
I have NEVER been late with any payments for my services as I was a councellor of the late Brits City Council and mayor of the town in 1993/4.
I also know the importance of electricity in my practice and the detrimental effect a power cut has on my patients and my staff, not mentioning my budget. Load shedding is hard enough to deal with to begin.
On numerous occasions my power was cut while having a credit amount on my bill. My staff has had to rush to the Madibeng offices in Marais Street and show the proof of payment where after another 30 to 60 minutes the power comes on again.
On one of those days I decided to try to find out why it happens all the time. I went down to the Madibeng offices with my receptionist and found that there is absolutely no communication between said “subcontractor lady” and Madibeng concerning the payments.
My payments made on 26 January was not allocated and acknowledged and my power was cut on 12 February.
The subcontractor lady in the office at Madibeng said it is not her fault as she works on the list given to her by Madibeng.
I asked her to make sure in future not to do it again by confirming the payments before cutting the power. She yelled at my receptionist that my practice is not an important business and that I therefore don’t qualify to be privileged.
Am I priveleged to have electricity THAT I PAID FOR??!! Madibeng doesn’t send out the bills at some stages but we still do payments knowing the bad management we have to deal with.
To me it is difficult enough to live and to practice within the borders of the bankrupt Madibeng Municipality.
To be discouraged in this way by a Caucasian lady blaming it on the Council, but eager to execute her “right” to cut my power and then shout at my staff after finding out that she was in the wrong, is less than encouraging.
I suspect that this “subcontractor” gets paid for each power cut she “authorises” and is therefore not very interested in trying to stop this embarrassment to the people in this little town.
Why try to make sure before you cut if you can send a bill to an already bankrupt council if you do? (Just a possible explanation.)
I feel strongly that these impulsive and unjustified actions must stop to avoid the town to go under with a bang instead of declining gradually as it is at the moment. This “subcontractor” will then also have to go and find some other town to help to go down.
I believe that I have rights to prevent these actions in future and hope that Harties will find a way not to tolerate the ignorance and blame-shifting anymore. If someone has the audacity to repeatedly cut power after not knowing about the payment, we will have to find a way for it to stop. “Don’t use the municipality as a scapegoat, you know they are inefficient. Don’t add insult to injury, we suffer enough, please.”
You are chasing people out of this town faster than you can imagine.

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